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A new concept in wall faucet mounting systems.


The Fauxcet™ mounting system creates a method to install a wall mount faucet without the invasive method of cutting open the wall and installing the plumbing water lines and the valve rough inside the opening inside the wall.
This method is a self contained unit that has a relatively thin cross section and contains the valve rough inside.  The whole self contained unit mounts directly onto the wall and with two supply hoses, dropped down to the existing angle stops under the sink counter, hooks up the faucet.
The existing plumbing codes in the USA do not allow the use of flexible hoses without permanent connections to be enclosed in a wall and then sealed up.  This new self contained unit will use flexible hoses, because it can easily be disconnected from the wall and serviced if necessary.
This self contained wall mount faucet unit has many advantages over the old method. Call us at 510-512-2747 for more information about this innovative mounting system.